DIY Heat for Your Home without Electricity

DIY Heating

Is heating up a very small space with only four candles that eventually burn down too low and have to be adjusted or replaced. We are using oil with ten candle wicks which will remain burning at the same height even if the oil container runs low. We used JB weld to join all of the pieces together. This is what your heater should look like. We had someone make us a piece of high heat resistant oven glass which we installed over a high heat resistant gasket. We installed a second gasket on the inside to seal the door. We are using a concrete board as a fire resistant material which we painted black and installed onto the wall. We 3d printed this support for a standard computer fan which will be used as blower for our heater. We used a metal container as an oil storage container. We installed a small window so that we can monitor the level of the oil. We are using ten braided oil lamp wicks. We will install our heater in our 220 sq. foot cabin which is approximately the same size as two standard bedrooms at 10 ft. X 11 ft.

Credit The Origin Homestead