DIY Advanced Solar Oven! Fully Insulated “No Turn” Solar Oven! (real wood, glass and mirror!) 350F+

DIY Advanced Solar Oven!

DIY Advanced Solar Oven! Hi temps! Fully Insulated! No Turning! Large Capacity! and solidly built! (made w/real wood, real glass and real mirror!) 350F+. this video shows the full build of my most advanced DIY solar box oven yet! The video breakdown… first 3 mins showcases the oven (w/talk through, temp tests and cooking). then a 10-minute “Time-lapse Assisted” Fast Full-Build (from 3 – 13 min. marks) *and then wraps up with the facts/stats pages, a list of parts (lumber, glass, mirror, hardware, paint etc…) some final design thoughts, cooking and storage idea. The idea in designing and making this one was to try to make one of the best ones ever made. a few of its features… 1.) it’s a “No Turn” design for ease of use.

Credit desertsun